Alternative Ordering Services


Online 24-7 Our Self Service Online Ordering Program Provides

  • Product information
  • Order History
  • Open order inquiry
  • Account information
  • Customized Shopping Lists

EDI –Ordering – Invoicing

  • EDI Electronic Data Interchange – trading with our customers for electronic ordering.
  • EDI Electroinc Data Interchange – trading with our customers for electronic invoicing.

Blanket Orders

  • An ordering option when you require products released over a period of time, with multiple releases to the same or different ship to locations
  • Tell us the release dates, locations and quantities when you place the blanket order.
  • Or … let us know as you require the products to do a blanket release.
  • A very flexible way to order a large quantity of product or products.

Standing Order

  • An ordering options when you have a regular repetitive order pattern for products.
  • Our standing order functionality will enable you to create a standing order at a time defined interval that works for you.
  • You do not have to worry… the products will arrive when you want based on the standing order definitions that you have established with us.

We’ll Call You

  • We work with you to call you or email you on a regular basis, defined by you to see what your ordering needs are.
  • We prepare and review with you what you have ordered from us, the last time and the quantity each product had been ordered to ensure that no product gets into a stock out situation for you.

We’ll Meet With You

  • Our experience sales team will meet with you to discuss any challenges, areas of improvement, or upcoming projects, that need assistance.

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