Is there a charge for shipping products

Shipping is FREE in most parts of Canada subject to a minimum order dollar amount. The minimum dollar amount required for free shipping is determined by your geographic location. Orders placed under the minimum amount required to receive free shipping to your location are shipped collect or prepaid and charge. Please discuss and negotiate this with your Sales Representative and/or the Customer Service Department. For orders outside of Canada, shipping arrangements will be coordinated with your Sales Representative and/or the Customer Service Department to ensure the most cost effective transport is used.

Is special pricing available for large volume purchases?

Your Terkis Account Representative will work with you to ensure that you receive special pricing for large volume purchases. Please discuss and negotiate this with your Sales Representative and/or the Customer Service Department.

What different ways of payment are accepted?

Visa and Master Card are gladly accepted for new clients, occasional clients or those that believe in saving an accounts payable function. For customers who wish to have an open account status, please call us and we will be happy to fax you a credit application form or click on the credit application link and apply on line. Upon receipt of favorable information concerning the credit verification, your account will be opened. Our terms are net 30 days.

How can I place orders with you?

The way or ways that you prefer:

  • Sales Representative
  • Phone
  • Online
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Any way… or all of the ways

If I place an order today, when will it ship out?

Packaging Division Orders of stock products received by us by 4:00PM EST can be shipped the following day. Retail Division Orders of stock products received by us can be shipped within 48 hours. For extended dates, you tell us when you want and need it, and we will follow your requested delivery dates.

Do you supply custom products like specially printed boxes, printed tape, etc?

Absolutely, your Terkis Account Representative will work with you to plan and design the right product to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled.

What is Terkis return goods policy?

You must contact your Sales Representative or the Customer Service Department to obtain a returned goods authorization and shipping instructions prior to the return of any product. All returns except those due as result of an error made by Terkis, must be shipped prepaid, must be in condition for resale and be in the original carton(s). A credit will be issued for approved returns. A handling charge of 20% or more depending upon the circumstances may be applied. No returns will be accepted after 30 days. Custom goods are not returnable unless deemed to be defective or not as ordered.



What is Green?

Green is an environmental term which is defined as: “products or services that have a reduced effect on health and the environment when compared with competing products that provide the same functionality.”

What are “environmentally appropriate” products?

Environmentally appropriate products are those that best meet the aims of environmentally responsible management (i.e. using resources efficiently and minimizing chemical contamination).

What are the general principles that should be considered for product selection of “environmentally appropriate” products?

In general, products should meet as many of the following criteria as possible: be less polluting & minimize waste; maximize the use of bio-based or recycled materials; conserve energy and water & are made from renewable materials; are compostable, or biodegradable; produce fewer polluting by-products and safety hazards during use and disposal than competing products.

How do you know if you are actually getting environmentally appropriate products?

Sadly many companies are playing up their environmental credentials; Kathryn Young, of CanWest News Service published a story Tuesday, November 20, 2007 that found “99 per cent of more than a thousand products from big box stores committed at least one of the “Six Sins of Greenwashing. Greenwashing — making false or misleading green marketing claims).” Make sure that the products that you buy are certified by a recognized independent third party. In addition; BE INFORMED and DO BUSINESS with companies that you know to be highly ethical.

What are the facts on plastic shopping bags?

The plastics industry takes a cradle-to-the-grave approach to the manufacture of plastic shopping bags in all areas – from material reduction in their manufacture to championing curbside recycling of plastic bags to promoting aggressive anti-litter initiatives. The plastics industry knows that plastic shopping bags are a valuable resource that can be reused and recycled over and over again. They should not be thrown away. The Canadian plastics industry wants to make sure that Canadians recapture as many unused plastic shopping bags as possible and to recycle them.


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