Food Service

We offer a wide variety of food service products for the packaging of processed foods, baked goods and produce. Our products include PVC films, product wrap, meat wrap, food containers, tamper-proof lids and seals, containers made from plastic, aluminum and foam. We carry wet strength parchment paper, silicone parchment paper for the baking industry, and so much more.


We carry a vast line of plastic cutlery, including food kits with knives, forks, spoons, napkins, and salt & pepper packets. We also offer cutlery made from Bioplastic, which are made from a renewable corn starch resin designed to supplement or even replace conventional petroleum based plastic. 70% of the plastic used in our cutlery has been replaced by cornstarch.


Viro PVC Food Service Wrap is the ideal choice for wrapping foods or for covering containers. The premium quality wrap locks in freshness, while allowing you to view your product clearly. The dispenser box comes with a metal serrated cutter so you can choose the size needed. Excellent clarity, stretch and cling. Kosher certified.


Of all types of food wraps available today, Chef Elite aluminum foil forms the strongest barrier against heat, moisture, air and light. We offer aluminum containers ideal for pre-packaging or “take-out” food applications and laminated lids or transparent plastic domes to seal your product. Our Insulated foil sheets are conveniently pre-cut to for burgers, hotdogs, burritos, sandwiches, etc.

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