Supply Chain Services

We are experts in performing a Packaging Needs Analysis which is a free evaluation of your packaging, shipping and sanitation requirements and procedures. Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we developed a program called Fusion solution; a program that consolidates the purchasing of packaging, sanitation and shipping supplies through a single purchase. With this service, it’s not unusual for us to save our customers anywhere from 10-30% in cost of products and operations by buying and consolidating the right products to optimize efficiency and minimize costs. Streamline & Consolidate Your Supply Chain with a Fusion Solution.

Packaging Needs Analysis

  • Our Packaging Needs Analysis is a Free Service.
  • Your packaging, shipping, material handling, sanitation supplies and applications will be reviewed and analyzed by our experience packaging specialists.
  • Show us how you package, close boxes, protect your pallets and so on, and allow our highly trained specialists to see if they can find a way to do it better and for less cost.
  • Recommendations and suggestions will be made for best practice products and solutions.
  • All too often, end users of packaging materials focus on the cost of the widget rather than the cost of the job.
  • Ask yourself this question…how much it costs you to stretch wrap one pallet…if you don’t know and would like to know, call us and we’ll figure it out for you.

Fusion Solution Services

  • Subscribing to our Fusion Solution Service and implementing best practice products and business processes will save you money and make you more efficient.
  • Our aim is to drive the cost out of the transaction.

   The Result:

  • Fewer Purchase Orders, Fewer Receiving & Handling & Fewer Invoices to Process & Pay.

   The Benefits:

  • Increased Productivity in Purchasing, Warehouse and Accounting.
  • A real cost reduction in your procurement channel.
  • Operational efficiency…. Lower cost of doing business.

We believe there is a far greater opportunity to save our customers meaningful dollars by working together to lower the cost of doing business and we know how to do it.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

J.I.T. Stock Program

  • Key clients may qualify for our J.I.T. Stock Program.
  • This keeps your on hand inventory at a minimum and reduces your overall procurement costs.
  • We warehouse and distribute your total packaging requirements, including custom cartons in corrugated or cardboard that you might otherwise be buying directly from manufacturers.
  • Imagine freeing up valuable production or storage space, or worse, outside rental space and having us deliver your production needs in the frequency of your choice, ie: daily, weekly or whatever. Another chapter from our FUSION Solutions.

JIT – Just In Time Delivery

  • Place your order and specify when you need the products.
  • The order will be delivered to you the day you require the products.
  • Place orders ahead of time to reserve the inventory and leave the rest to us.

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